The 12 office gadgets of Christmas

If the Office Santa was coming to town, what would you ask him to bring? Here are a few ideas for your workplace wish list...

The 12 office gadgets of Christmas

1. Good tidyings we bring

Clean desk policy? Here’s an all-in-one desk tidy that will keep the office looking slick while allowing your staff to keep all their personal bits and bobs to hand. Multi-function Desk Organiser creator Cyanics have pretty much thought of everything. There’s a slot for family photos, a cup holder, a 3 USB port, multi card reader, pen holder, memo pad box, business card box, letter opener, mobile phone slot, paper holder and storage box. Desk debris is so last year...

>> £39.99 from Amazon

2. All I want for Christmas

What to get the office geek who has it all? How about their very own Geek Pen? As well as being a standard ballpoint, this little beauty is jam packed with technical wizardry. Twist the nib and there’s a stylus for use on digital touchscreens, plus there’s a flashlight, UV light (it can detect counterfeiting, apparently) and a nifty laser pointer to liven up presentations.

>> £7.99 from Zavvi

3. Silent night

Not everyone’s a fan of office banter – introverted types can find it stressful and distracting. One answer is QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones from Bose. Staff can pop on these high end, high tech headphones and simply fade out annoying noise and enjoy the silence or their favourite music mix for work. The kit is easy to control with Bluetooth and the Bose Connect app so the user can move instantly from iPad to iPhone when a call comes in.

>> £289.99 from Argos

4. Be of good cheer

You know that annoying moment when you realise get to the office and realise you forgot your phone charger? With the Riggad LED Work Lamp with wireless charging from IKEA it’s not a problem. As long as a phone supports wireless charging, staff can simply place it on the charger that’s cleverly incorporated in the lamp base. Hey presto, the phone’s battery will always be fully loaded and they’ve one less thing to worry about.

>> £49 from IKEA

5. When the snowman brings the snow

Open-plan offices can mean that one temperature doesn’t suit all. For anyone whose feet turn icy cold when they’re sitting at a computer all day, what’s needed is a set of cosy USB Heating Shoes tucked under their desk. They can just pull them on, plug in and enjoy toasty toes all day long.

>>£32 from Amazon

6. Put a great big smile on somebody's face

Annoying moment #2: when you’ve just made a brew and got called into an impromptu meeting. Now anyone can keep their beverage at a warming 50°C with the Hot Cookie USB Cup Warmer, which claims to extend drinking time by up to 30 minutes. Half-drunk cold coffee will be a distant memory.

>>£6.99 from IWOOT

7. Make my wish come true

This is perfect for anyone who’s ever been in a meeting where they wished they could scan some key information. Or perhaps needed to keep a visual record of their receipts for accounts. Whether it’s documents, letters, business cards or articles, with the FLAGPOWER Portable Document & Image Scanner Magic Wand they can all be captured and downloaded PDFs or Jpegs to any Wi-Fi device. What did we ever do without it?

>> £79.99 from Amazon

8. Star of wonder

Late night deadlines giving your staff eye strain thanks to your motion sensitive office lights? Then they’ll love this Bright Idea USB Light. It’s a bulb set upon an articulating arm with the light powered by USB, which means there are no tricky wires or plug to deal with. Shed some light on the keyboard when working after dark, or simply light it up when someone’s suddenly come up with a brilliant business idea!

>> £7.99 from IWOOT

9. Are you hanging up a stocking on the wall?

Need to present to the team but IT are too busy to set up a projector? It’s no problem if you have the Smartphone Projector 2.0 in your office. This compact portable projector, which fits phones up to 16cm long, can transfer PowerPoint presentations and videos onto any smooth white surface.

>> £22 from The Conran Shop

10. Slidin' around the Christmas tree

We all know how important it is to get up and move around the office regularly, and a few pairs of Simtec FunSlides Carpet Skates could make that a lot more fun. OK, so this one might not get past health and safety (even though they guarantee low carpet friction) but watching everyone skate back and forth from the water cooler would be entertaining, wouldn’t it!

>> £12.99 from Amazon

11. Winter wonderland

If your staff need the occasional escape from office stress, the Immerse Plus Virtual Reality Headset could be the answer. Just pop a smartphone in, slip on the headset and slide into a virtual world – whether it’s a relaxing beach that provides some chill out time, or an adrenalin-fuelled roller coaster ride to fire up the little grey cells before a brainstorming session. All without leaving the desk. With a range of 3D videos available on YouTube, users can pick their own wonderful virtual world.

>> £14.99 from IWOOT

12. Step into Christmas

OK, Santa would have to be in a very generous mood to leave one of these under the tree, but if you’d like to enable staff to improve their fitness while they work then the LifeSpan TR800-DT5 Treadmill Desk is the ideal workspace. It combines a sturdy desktop to work on with a soft, comfortable treadmill. Walking for long periods of time will rack up an impressive number of steps (way past the 10,000 mark), and is said to aid posture, body alignment and digestion.

>> £1,305.00 from GymCompany





Saturday 19 August 2017
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